We love stickers. There is hardly any person that does not like the tiny adhesive substance that we place almost everywhere. They can be found on the doors, refrigerators, laptops, and even hydro flasks. For someone that loves to exercise, goes to school, or loves the hydro flask, there is a great chance that you may have hydro flask stickers on it. Who wouldn't fancy those cute things?
We have decided to look at how the world sees you when you have a clothing brand hydro flask sticker or movie sticker on your hydro flask.

The Clothing Brand Stickers
When you place it, it may be because you fancy the clothing brand and can't wait for the entire world to know what your taste in clothing is. This is what it means on the surface, but do you know that it shows a lot more.
When the Brandy Melville stickers are seen on your hydro flask, there is a great chance that a lot of people see you as a basic bitch. They see you as someone that owns a Swedish backpack that has names that can't be pronounced without biting one's tongue. They may be right or wrong, but who cares?
If you have the Patagonia stickers as your choice of hydro flask stickers, there is a great chance that you probably love the outdoors. You may be an extrovert, who can't get enough of the world around, especially Mother Nature. Who wouldn't fancy that? You may love to hike, camp, or do other outdoorsy activities. You can let the world knows of your taste by putting those stickers on your water bottle.
If there is a Vineyard Vine sticker on your hydro flask, there is a great chance that you are in a frat house. You may belong to a frat house and want the world to see it.
Generally, if you have a clothing brand sticker on your hydro flask bottle, there is a great chance that you are both hip and trendy. You can't wait for the world to know that and bask in such information.

TV shows and movie stickers
There is a great chance that you are probably a subscriber to Hulu, HBO, Netflix and so on. If you weren't subscribed, how would you be able to stream those movies and shows that you fancy?
When someone has a hydro flask sticker on that says movie shows, there is a great chance that the person's hobby is binge-watching shows.
The fact that you spend a lot of time watching these movies show that you think about them a lot. You want the world to know what your favorite movies are while telling them that you have great taste in movies.
The stickers may have your favorite quotes or specific scenes that you can't get enough of. To you, since others are not talking about these scenes, something may be wrong with them. When you see someone that shares similar taste with them, you feel you have met your paddy.
  • Dec 01, 2019
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