It is common to see hydro flask stickers, VSCO girls stickers, and even stickers on your laptops, cars, and so on. During the political season, you can see stickers of different candidates. To a lot of people, these are the only ways that stickers can be used.
If the stickers aren't stating a political cause, inspirational quote, or something near that, they are not stickers.
Do you know that stickers can be used to do a lot more than promoting a political candidate in school or advising students to be of good behavior? Stickers are used for a lot more, and we have decided to show you other smart ideas that a sticker can be used for

Allergy alert sticker for the school lunchbox
People are allergic to different things, and there are different allergens lying around. Do you know that as a parent, you can create hydro flask stickers or even lunch box stickers that state what your kids are allergic to?
A school can also ask their students' parents what their kids are allergic to, and create hydro flasks stickers for them to ensure that they do not munch on anything that they are allergic to.
It is no news that allergies can sometimes be annoying, and other times, life-threatening. Kids normally are at risk of eating or being around their allergies because many of them are not so conscious of what they eat.
As parents, you can't always be around your kids while they are in camp, school, or somewhere else. It is a smart idea to alert those around, especially those serving them food, that the child is allergic to something.
Smart ways of ensuring that kids are kept away from their allergens are wearables like necklaces, bracelets and so on. You could also create a custom sticker that can be placed on your child’s lunchbox.
This ensures that when it is time to eat, it is visible enough to be seen. Apart from that, you can have it customized to have the name of the child, what they may be allergic to, and what to do if they mistakenly eat those things that they are allergic to.
These could go a long way to prevent disaster.

A list of class or kitchen rules
It is no news that without rules in a shared space, there will be chaos and lawlessness flying around. A clever way to have some customized rules placed around for people, especially students, to read is the sticker.
A sticker can be placed to tell students not to litter their classrooms. Without these rules, students could easily decide not to use the trash can and get away with it. With the rules displayed, they will be alerted of these rules.
What of other shared places like kitchens or dining areas? For dorms, it won't be a bad idea to write out rules that should be abided in the dorms there.
  • Dec 02, 2019
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