When someone wants to fill a lot of details on their stickers, their thoughts tend to wander to the sticker back printing.
Let's say, you want a hydro flask sticker that talks a lot about your beliefs, there is a great chance that you may think of using the sticker back printing. Let's say that you want a VSCO girl sticker that has a lot of details on it, you may also consider this.
What if you need a business sticker, where your coupons, social tags, contact details, websites, and so on may be placed on, your mind may wander to the sticker back printing.
Conventionally, this is what a lot of people feel. They think that the only way one could add a lot of information in their business sticker, VSCO girl sticker, and other stickers is to use the traditional sticker back printing. What if we told you that things have changed?
Sticker back printing may still be good, a bit there is a better alternative that offers other benefits too.
Do you know that you can use kiss-cut stickers if you want a lot of information in your stickers too? Yes, you read that right.
The kiss-cut stickers generally possess a rectangular paper that is at the back of the sticker itself.
When we compare both, we have no choice but to state that the kiss cut stickers are better than their counterparts discussed above. We will look at the different reasons we came to this conclusion.

Better visibility
It is wrong to place important details at a spot where very few people will see it. The reason you created the stickers will be defeated. There is a great chance that a business would want its sticker to be seen by everyone that comes near it, including its contact details. Using a kiss cut sticker offers you the visibility that you crave for.
You can have the additional details placed close to your sticker. This way, your prospects, and clients can easily see them.

Extra printing alternatives
Normally, back printing only focuses on black and white, which is something that your business may not need. Now, bold colors are used in attracting the attention of those around. This is something that is not possible with back printing.
Back printing usually confines one to the sticker's shape, which may not be what one wants. The kiss-cut stickers can have its backing printed in any color it wants, and it doesn't depend on the sticker's shape.

Reduced cost
Back printing is more expensive than kiss-cut stickers because it takes an additional step to be made. This means an increase in the price compared to what you have to pay for kiss cut stickers.
If you want to seem creative, the kiss cut design is an awesome way to go about it.
  • Dec 06, 2019
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