When it comes to us, we believe that you should do you. This is probably why you have the hydro flask of your dreams right there in your backpack. It is no longer a secret that a lot of people customize their hydro flasks, and try to put hydro flask stickers on it. There is hardly anyone that you will see that doesn't have either one or a couple of hydro flask stickers. They are beautiful to the eyes. Who wouldn't fancy them?
Are you confused about what sticker you should put on your hydro flask? Should you go for a hydro flask sticker that talks bout your organization? Should you go for a hydro flask sticker that is focused on talking about your favorite memes, those designed to make your friends laugh?
Whatever you go for will be good for you. We have decided to analyze both options and state what others will think about them.

Club/organization stickers
When someone sees a hydro flask sticker that is focused on an organization or club, most times, they feel that you are a self-promoter. They feel that you want the entire world to know that you have affiliations with the organization. Isn't that true? You may want anyone that lays their eyes on the hydro flask to know that you add something to the organization, and that is why you are in it, and they are not in it. When the organization or club is for a privileged few, we can't blame you for wanting the entire world to know about this. Who wouldn't want that?
Some people may see it and want to interact with you because of the organization you belong to. They admire you and want to tap into the knowledge that flows from you.
Whatever the reaction of others may be, it should not be your concern because you are in a fabulous organization and want the world to know about it. Be proud of it, and do you.
Whatever you do, being moderate won't be a bad idea. You can consider toning it down so as not to come off as a snub, but who really cares? You don't, right?

Meme stickers
Any meme connoisseur would tell you that there is a thin line that exists between the great meme and a poor meme.
The meme you showcase either tells you that you have a great sense of humor or a poor one. When someone puts a meme sticker, there is a great chance that he or she does things for laughs regularly. There is a great chance that if your phone was searched, they would notice a lot of memes on them.
To the world, you may be a funny person or someone that loves to create bad jokes. What category do you fall under?
Who says that you can't have both the organizational hydro flask sticker and the meme sticker? No one.
  • Dec 07, 2019
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