When we out hydro flask stickers on our hydro flask, we do it to decorate our hydro flasks. At that moment, we wonder what type of material should be used for our hydro flask stickers. What materials will give us a look that we crave for? There may exist a lot of materials out there used in the creation of stickers, but today, we have decided to look at the commonly used sticker material, which is the vinyl.
The vinyl material is used in creating a lot of hydro flask stickers because they come with a lot of benefits. They are a bit of stretching well so that they can easily fit any surface that they are placed on.
One thing that plagues a lot of stickers is the fact that they look crumpled when you place them on a curved surface.
Apart from that, some are not durable enough. If water touches them, they fade and begin to peel. What about the issues of them not easily being able to be peeled off. A lot of them deposit residue on the surface that they were peeled out of. What about how they feel to the touch? Some may not be smooth.
These issues are not present in vinyl material, and this is why it is loved by a lot of sticker manufacturers and users.
Vinyl comes in four major kinds, but today, we have decided to focus on only two.

White Glossy Permanent Vinyl
If you are looking for a hydro flask sticker that has strong adhesive, you should consider going for the white glossy permanent vinyl.
The fact that it is so strong has made it great for a lot of industrial applications like in the case of safety labels and property identification.
It is designed to be waterproof and durable, even in the outdoors. You do not have to worry about the weather elements affecting it negatively. It is not bubble-free, and since it comes with strong adhesive, you do not have to worry about it being removed easily. This has made it perfect for the world of the outdoors.

Clear removable vinyl
If you are someone that doesn't want a colored background in your hydro flask sticker, you can go for the clear removable vinyl stickers.
It can also be used in promoting your business or events in a classy manner. Usually, the stickers we see around have a colored background. If you want to step out of the status quo, you should consider going for this. As its name states, it is clear, meaning that it is transparent.
They can be applied on a glass window too, and can easily be removed without you being scared of remnants of the adhesives sticking to it. It can also be printed on white ink, and have the vinyl UV coated to ensure that it is durable, waterproof and resistant to abrasion.
  • Dec 09, 2019
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