This is one question that people keep asking themselves. There are some people that do not fancy stickers, and there are some that can't get enough of hydro flask stickers. If you are someone that likes fancy and glamour, there is a great chance that you may fancy the former.
There is hardly anyone that doesn't have a hydro flask. They mostly use them when jogging, going to the class, office or somewhere else. They come in different hues, shapes, and even sizes. A lot of people tend to favor customizing their hydro flasks. Will it make sense to have a customized hydro flask and not have cute hydro flask stickers on them?
To us, it doesn't. Hydro flask houses the water we drink, the least we can do is to beautify them with hydro flask stickers. A lot of people tend to make use of these tiny hydro flask stickers to try and find out what kind of person you are. We have decided to analyze two scenarios. When a person sees a hydro flask with no sticker, what does he or she think of you? What about when he looks at your hydro flask and sees a lot of stickers on it?

No stickers
There are some people that won't be caught dead having a water bottle with a sticker on them. We understand that people have varying tastes. If your water bottle has never seen a sticker, there is a great chance that you can be classified as the Bland Brad or the Plain Jane.
You are seen by those around as being indecisive. You find it hard to make up your mind and commit to something. You may be someone that fears commitment. The thought of starting something like a relationship, and being involved with it is outrightly scary.
You may want a sticker on your bottle, but choosing one may be stressful for you. When you finally decide to choose one sticker, you can't decide on where the position should be. Since there are a lot of choices to be made, you decide to merely give up and move on. Your decision process should not be messed up by a sticker, you tell yourself.
If you are a quitter when it comes to choosing a hydro flask sticker, there is a great chance that it may translate to other parts of your life.
Quitters do not always win.

Too many stickers
These ones are the exact opposite of the former discussed above. Having a lot of stickers can be seen as you calling the world to stare at you. You may be queen bee that can't do without the attention, and if a second goes by without the world starting at you, it seems like your world is capsizing.
At the end of the day, you may not even be able to read half of them. They are too concentrated and clumped up together. Being on both polar ends may not be so great. You can consider meeting in the middle and enjoying the beautiful world of hydro flask stickers.
  • Dec 10, 2019
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