We all know about the new subculture that is currently on-trend, which is called the VSCO Girl. A lot of people can't get enough of it including us.
To show your loyalty to this new subculture, we have put together the must-haves for a VSCO girl.

Custom Water Bottles
Having hydro flask is one of the best things that has ever happened to humanity. It is not only trendy, but it inculcates the habit of drinking water.
Someone that identifies as a true VSCO girl should never leave her home without having the water bottle and a VSCO girl sticker on it. The hallmark of your water bottle should be the colorful hydro flask stickers.
These hydro flasks are known to keep hot liquid hot for about twelve hours, and cold beverages cold for about twenty-four hours. Now, you don't have any reason to be dehydrated.

Rainbow Knee High Custom Socks
A VSCO girl loves rainbow-colored socks, and they must be comfortable.
A typical VSCO girl generally wears these socks with her comfortable crocs. Combining both is the right way to go.
The way they combine both is always tasteful to the eyes.

Waterproof Vinyl Custom Stickers
One can't say to be a VSCO girl if she doesn't have the VSCO girl stickers. It can be seen as a taboo if you are a VSCO girl and you don't have your water bottle covered with hydro flask stickers. This can be seen as going against the culture.
Her flask is where she puts things she likes, from the brands she loves, political causes, memes, TV shows and so on.
If you are looking for where to customize your VSCO girl sticker, look no further.

Round Lennon Style Custom Sunglasses
Can we say it is rare to see a VSCO girl without her round Lennon style custom sunglasses? Of course, we can, and we won't be right.
Normally, the sunglasses are created from a polycarbonate material and are known to offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Apart from them looking practical, they are both durable and stylish.
Standing out of crowd is made a lot easier because of their unique round shape. The VSCO girl is not complete without this. Who would want to rock the streets as their runway when the sun is in their eyes? This is where the sunglasses help. Turn the streets into your runway and let your style drip.

Tie-Dye Logo T-Shirt
It seems that every VSCO girl is a love of oversized t-shirts. These t-shirts allow you to come off as being both casual and cool.
Usually, they go for 100% cotton shirt, which would give them the comfort that they crave for. One thing that the VSCO girl fancies are absolute comfort. They love it when these t-shirts are customized and have the hues that they fancy.
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