When it comes to our hydro flasks, they are precious objects to us, things that a lot of people can't do without. This is one reason you may be confused on what type of materials your hydro flask stickers should be made from. We will analyze one of the numerous materials used in making hydro flask stickers, the BOPP.
BOPP- Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene- comes from plastic, and it is great in making stickers because of durable it is and how long it can last for. If you are looking for a sticker that can boast of longevity and durability, you should consider going for BOPP.
There are different types of BOPP, and the common ones are White Permanent Glossy BOPP, White Permanent Matte BOPP, and the clear BOPP.

White Permanent Glossy BOPP
White Permanent Glossy BOPP is known to be resistant to a lot of things. It can withstand oil, fading, abrasion, and even heat. This is one reason that it is a great material for your hydro flask sticker. It can stand the elements, especially when you are an outdoorsy type of person.
Compared to the white vinyl, this is a lot affordable. If you are running for office or trying to promote a business, and you want to give a lot of people stickers, you can consider using this. It is affordable and a lot durable. You do not have to worry about digging a deep hole into your pocket and still give out quality items.
Isn't that the classic case of killing a lot of birds with a stone?

White Permanent Matte BOPP
This is great for both hydro flask stickers and product labels too. If you want your labels to have details, this is great for you. You can easily write on them with markers, pencils or even pens.
You can write out the expiry dates, scents, flavors and so on, on them. They are designed to be durable and waterproof. If you are looking for a natural look, you should consider going for this, as they do not possess the glossy look.
This gives the label a somewhat organic look that you may fancy. This is cheaper than the white vinyl and can be ordered in bulk if you want.

Clear BOPP
This type of BOPP possesses similar benefits as its counterpart, the white BOPP. The difference between both is that it comes with a transparent background.
If you want to beautify your hydro flask with a sticker, and you still want the hue and shape of it to show, this can be used.
This applies the same principle when it is used on a package. You can see the beauty of the package even after the sticker had been applied.
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