We all love stickers. Who doesn't fancy those tiny cute things that we can stick on almost any surface? They are so cute and can beautify whatever we have any intention of beautifying.
We put stickers on the fridge, on our doors, laptops, and even our hydro flasks. The hydro flask sticker trend is something that is being embraced by a lot of people, and we can't get enough of it. We understand why a lot of people want the hydro flask stickers. Who wouldn't want them? They are tasteful to the eyes and can easily be made.
If you are someone that loves DIY projects, this one is for you. You can try your hands on making the stickers of your dreams.
The funny thing is that making them is quite easy.

What You Need
Transfer tape
Where you will put the hydro flask sticker on like your Hydro flask.
When you are done, there is a great chance that your water bottle will turn to an eye turner, one that others in your gym won't be able to get their eyes off.

It would be nice to design your hydro flask sticker, and this can be done by making use of the Silhouette Design Store. There are a number of designs that can be gotten from there. Whatever you should be based on your taste. One thing you should note is that you will need to change the sticker to stocked form.
If you want to give a decal the stocker look, you can consider making use of an offset to it. If you want, you can create an outline at the edges of that design that you have chosen.
Once done, use a sticker give to cut it out of the white vinyl. You can decide to alter every piece of design to ensure that they are heaped with hue. It can also be cut using hue when it gets to that Send Panel.

As you are cutting it out, ensure that every hue is cut differently. Let's say, you did a flower design on the only vinyl, you can cut the pieces. Do the same thing if you did a pot design or something else on the blue vinyl.

How To Have Your Vinyl Sticker Layered
The major disparity that exists between a decal look and the sticker is usually its white outline. Apart from this, see it as a type of layered vinyl project.
You should begin with every layer before you have every piece weeded out.
You should begin the layering process. Now, we have decided that we are starting from its back before we get to its front. Usually, the white outline should be at its back, situated on the sticker's base.

Now, you have to add the black to the sticker. This can be done by making use of transfer tape. You can get this done by shifting the black on your white.

As you try to take out the transfer tape, take it up towards the side. Do not get it done straight up. When you do it the right way, the base layer will remain the way it should be.
You should do the layering for every one of them.

When you are done with the layering, have the sticker pulled up. Voila, you are good to go.
  • Dec 17, 2019
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