Have you decided to try out printing your hydro flask sticker or the VSCO girl sticker yourself? We have decided to teach you how you can print on Avery Pre-cut inkjet sticker. It is quite important that you use only good quality of materials when making your stickers.
We have come across a lot of people complaining that some stickers stand the test of time, but others do not. The major reason this is so is because of the type of materials and process you use.
This is why we advise that you use only good sticker manufacturers if you have decided to order yours or use great materials if you have decided to make yours at home. Using poor materials won't only leave your stickers fading and being peeled out easily, it will also leave a ghastly sight behind when it is peeled out.

How should you print on an Avery Pre-Cut Inkjet sticker label?
1. Have your template prepared?
One good thing about Avery is that it comes with free templates that can be downloaded. These templates can be seen in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and even Adobe programs.
What you should do is to merely download the template you crave, for Avery products. Ensure that whatever design you go for fits your template.
Immediately your template has been fixed, try and print it out on a paper. You can have it lined up by making use of a sheet of Avery pre-cut stickers. This allows you to know if the placement of your design is well aligned with your labels. Ensure that you have fixed the positioning before you begin your printing process on your Avery pre-cut sticker sheets.

Put your sticker paper in the printer.
Ensure that you follow the guidelines of the printer manual while doing this process. Different printers may have different guidelines.

Ensure that your paper width lever isn't touching your paper's edges to prevent it from buckling.

Have your finalized templates printed out?

Allow your ink dry before you think about taking your stickers from their sheet.

Avoid printing with the same sheet again, as your printer may jam. Use another sheet for another printing.

Like earlier mentioned, it is important that you go for solely good materials for your printing process. Under no condition should you use poor materials because the results may not be admirable?
Apart from that, if you feel that sticker printing is not for you, you do not have to force it, as there are a lot of good sticker designers and printers out there.
On the other hand, there is the joy that comes with sticker designing and printing.
  • Dec 16, 2019
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