Have you ever wondered where the stickers you see around came from? Did they appear from nowhere, or can their origin be traced to somewhere? Have you looked at those VSCO girls stickers or those hydro flask stickers that you see around and wondered where their ancestors come from? Like everything known to mankind, stickers also originated from somewhere.
Who invented them?
When we talk about the invention of a lot of things, including the VSCO girl stickers or Hydro flask stickers, there may be no definitive source. There may exist different schools of thought that think different things.
We will look at what the different schools of thought think about the origin of the sticker. There exist a number of schools of thought.
The first schools of thought feel that the sticker was created by the Ancient Egyptians. They feel that these stickers were created with the intention of advertising their wares.
This thought is backed by up Archeologists, who found these items at Egyptian excavation sites. These stickers seem to have the details of products on them, as well as their prices.
The material used in making these artifacts is thought to be a kind of paper, which had details engraved on it before it was glued on the walls. These early papers have been noticed in more than one dig site in ancient Egypt.
It is also believed by another school of thought that the inventor of the sticker is Sir Rowland Hill. In 1839, he created the modern sticker after he made the adhesive paper, which was later used as the forerunner of Postage Stamps.

There is another school of thought that thinks that the sticker was first created in the 1880s. It was created by European advertising gurus, who were looking for smart ways to ensure that their clients could easily see their products and buy them. The stickers, according to this school of thought, were created to ensure that the advertising gurus' products compared with their counterparts. It is no news that bold colors tend to attract the attention of people, and this was what the advertising gurus intended to achieve.
These stickers were used in fruit packaging, and they made use of a simple gum paste. The reason stickers were used by these gurus were because there was intense competition when it came to the world of European orchards during that period. The stickers were invented and placed on the fruit crates to ensure that the packaging of their fruits could stand out compared to their counterparts.

There is another school of thought that feels that R. Stanton Avery, the creator of “Avery Labels,” was the creator of everything sticker. According to this school of thought, they feel that he created it when he invented the self-adhesive label during the year 1935.
The new stickers in use were called the pre-apply stickers because you had to wet it with water or even lick it before you use it.
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