With the coming of VSCO girl and the embracing of this subculture, it is a common trend for a lot of people to have VSCO girl stickers on their properties. We will look at some cool places to put your VSCO girl stickers.

Your Hydro Flask
It is rare to see a hydro flask that doesn't have VSCO girl stickers attached to it, especially when you are a VSCO girl. Your hydro flask stickers should talk about what your style is and what you fancy.

Your ride
A lot of VSCO girls love bicycles or sometimes, bikes. There are some that also fancy the skateboard. As a VSCO girl, it won't be a bad idea if you have your ride plastered with the VSCO girl sticker.
If you have a car, this is an awesome place to show your love for the subculture. You can have custom stickers created for you that speak at great length about your likes and dislikes.

Ski helmet
Are you a VSCO girl that loves to ski? It won't be a bad idea to have your ski helmet fixed with the VSCO girl sticker. You can let the world know that you are a tasteful skier that understands beauty at its peak. Isn't that awesome?

Your Toilet
If you have a toilet that you use alone or with family members at home, it won't be a bad idea to plaster your VSCO girl stickers on them. What brands do you fancy? You can decorate the loo with those things. Do you have a movie star that you have a crush on? Having stickers of him or her in your toilet may not be a bad idea? You know what I mean.

Your Phone
Can we say that you are a true VSCO girl if you do not have the stickers at yen back of your phone? If we say 'no,' we won't be wrong. Your phone is what you use regularly and what others see constantly when they are around you. A VSCO girl should be interested in beautifying everything around her. Hence, she won't have a phone that doesn't have the VSCO girl sticker on it.

What says drab than a notebook that doesn't have stickers on it? It can be so depressing to stare at a notebook that has not been decorated. The same can't be said fora notebook that has stickers on them. You become a lot more interested in reading them.

Reusable coffee mug
Brighten up your coffee mug with stickers. It should be your reusable coffee mug because it would be pointless decorating one that you toss into the trash can immediately.

Your Car
You can have your beliefs, tastes, inspirational quotes, political causes, and so on showcased on your car bumper, the back window, and so on by making use of your VSCO girl stickers.
  • Nov 25, 2019
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