There exist some humans that feel stickers aren't for them. To them, stickers are meant for businesses that want to advertise their products or for inspirational quotes and political causes.
Stickers are meant for a lot more. Hydro flask stickers can be used in beautifying your water bottle. VSCO girl stickers can be used in showing how classy you are.
Apart from these, stickers can also be used in creative ways.

WiFi connection details on a QR code
Normally, when visitors come over to visit you, and they want to use your WiFi, there is a great chance that they will ask for your password.
Usually, we do not know the password of our WiFi by heart. Hence, we have to go about searching where we must have written it. This could be annoying, especially when you are someone that doesn't like to search for things.
A smart way to have handled this is to have created a sticker that had the picture of the code. This way, the visitor could easily connect to the WiFi network without you worrying about your head. Do you know that you can create a hydro flask sticker with such a QR code on it to ensure that you don't have to worry about remembering a long code?
You can put the sticker wherever you want, and have your visitors using your WiFi in no time.

Contact details on a drone
There is hardly a person who doesn't like drones. These drones are fun to use and can be seen around. You maybe wondering why you need a sticker on your drone. It is quite simple.
A lot of drones are capable of flying far and wide and can easily be operated. You won't have any issue when it is working well, but what of when it develops some faults. We have seen a lot of people lose their drones because they flew out of sight and couldn't be traced. When fought, these drones could not be taken back to their owners because of no contact details.
To save yourself this trouble, you can consider creating a sticker that has your contact details and place it on the drone.
You could also add that you will give some little reward to whoever finds it and returns it. This way, there is a great chance that whoever finds it may see an incentive to return it.

Promoting your social media pages
Do you know that you could cleverly advertise the social media pages of your business through stickers? Yes, you read that right. This is quite clever. Let's use an example to bolster this.
You are a photographer, and you want to advertise your pictures to draw clients to you. You could do this by setting up an Instagram account. You will want a lot of people visiting that page to see your photos.
A smart thing to do it to create a creative sticker with your Instagram handle on it and regularly sit on the team, coffee shop, or public environment and have your work promoted. You could also hand the stickers out because of how beautiful they are.
  • Nov 27, 2019
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