When it comes to VSCO girls, there are versatile. A great way to show their versatility is by placing their VSCO girl stickers on their bikes.
If you want versatility in your life, you should consider trying customizable stickers. They can be used in different ways on the bike.
The hydro flask stickers on your water bottle shouldn't be the only stickers on your property. Your bike deserves to have its too.

The Bike Becomes One With You
Normally, bikes come with their branding from the manufacturers. This branding can come in the form of stickers or paintings. We understand this, but they shouldn't stop you from customizing your bile to your taste.
There is a lot of space where you can out your stickers. You can decide to take out the old stickers that came with the bike and put yours. If you are a VSCO girl, putting your VSCO girl stickers on it. When you use your stickers, you can out whatever logo or artwork that you crave for. This differentiates your bike from the rest, especially when you store your bike close to a similar model of bikes. You do not have to bother yourself about identifying the bike because your customized sticker is your signature.

Safety feature
Safety is the watchword of every cyclist. You have to be extremely careful to ensure that other road users see you. Using customized stickers on your bike, when they are reflective can go a long way to ensure that you are being seen even during poor lighting. Apart from that, when driving in the evening or when the lighting is poor, it is important to have reflective gear on to ensure that you are easily spotted.
Using ultra-bright fluorescent stickers can go a long way to help you while riding at night. They are eye-catching, making them easily spotted from afar. If you are someone that cycles at night, it won't be a bad idea to use multiple of such stickers to ensure that they outline your bike to those coming behind or even in front. Chrome and pearlescent stickers should be stickers every cycler that cycles at night use.

Get Your Gear To Stand Out
When you are someone that races a lot, you will understand how pricey customized gears are. This is one reason you see people hoarding it. If stolen, and there is no identifying feature, you can hardly tell your own apart from others because they are similar. This is where the customized sticker comes into play. Are you tired of losing your helmet or turbo trainer over and over again? You should consider marking it as yours in a stylish manner with a sticker. You can use a sticker with your favorite logo, artwork, or inscription on it.
Does your kid hate helmet, and you are looking for a way to get her to wear it? You can consider applying VSCO girl stickers on it. In no time, your kid won't get enough of the helmet.
  • Nov 24, 2019
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