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Super Hero Cartoon ( 50 Pcs )

Super Hero Cartoon ( 50 Pcs ) Item NO.: Vinyl-Stickers-48

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Product Name Super Hero Cartoon ( 50 Pcs )
Item NO. Vinyl-Stickers-48
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Brand StickerDoll
Creation Time 2021-01-06

When you were a kid, you would often imagine yourself becoming a superhero with superpowers and save the world from evil. As you grow up, you see these movies and series about them that you started collection anything related to these super beings. That is why you should also get these Super Hero Cartoon Stickers so you can display them along with the rest of your items! 

Whether you like the Ninja Turtles, Hulk, Robin Hood or any other hero you grew up admiring, you can definitely create a nice collage of design on any of your personal items. 

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Good Stickers



This assortment was a win just based on the Deadpool riding a unicorn and the super cute Groot sticker. Great assortment of cuter renditions as well as comic versions. There was a lot more of Hulk, Spiderman, and Iron Man to the other characters but there were no repeats and they're a lot of fun to use on laptops and water bottles (I use them on my dropbins for races). The backings are a little harder for my kids to separate but it's not a dealbreaker, it's just something to be aware of. We had fun sorting them and I have a nice little assortment of stickers to add to my gear.



These are nice, inexpensive stickers. They aren't anything fancy, but perfectly fine as rewards, party favors, etc, for small children.Colors are nice and bright, selection is very good, and images are nice and crisp.



This superhero sticker pack has such a great variety, my 5 year old son was so excited to get them! Some of the stickers look just like the traditional comic book characters and others have a more cartoon character look to them. The stickers are all about the same size and are a decent size. The stickers are really good quality. They don't rip easily and stay on items very well. The only issue I have is they are not easy to peel from the backs. I wish they had a slit in the back paper so you could more easily peel them off. Overall they are great and I would highly recommend these for superhero lovers as they are just the right size to place on all kinds of items from water bottles to notebooks or just to wear.



These stickers are adorable. The variety is insane, tons of poses of every single character there ever was. They are all a good size, no small stickers to get them to their count. The stickers are such a thick, good quality that they’ve been easy to peal and not a single one has ripped. These would make wonderful party favors because they’re not going to get squished or lost in a goody bag. Or in our case they’ll be decorating plain notebooks, binders, and instrument cases for school.



It is an odd mix of characters from the Fantastic 4 to the Avengers to the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men with some odd ones thrown in. Some images are from the comics, some are cartoon renditions of the characters. The colors are good, the drawings are great. They are the right size for the back of your phone or on your tablet/laptop. We're putting some on notebooks, too. There are so many, you can spread them around.



Comes in small clear plastic bag. Lots of different ones, variety...and can be placed on many things! Only issue I have is they are not easy to peel off the back. Wish they had a slit down the middle so it was easier to peel but they are very stick at least!!



This is a large assortment of Super Hero Stickers. They come in a plain plastic see-thru package without any labels or anything to say what is included in the pack. These are shaped stickers & are various sizes. I was able to stick one, remove, & re stick it to paper in a notebook many times. If your child or teen doesn't want to play with them or use them all at once, you will probably need a zip lock bag or container of some kind to store them in because they are hard to get back into the small plastic bag they came with. The pictures are colorful, clear & I do not see any duplicate stickers so there is a good variety in the pack.



Stickers a of great quality and a great selection of character's in multiple styles. Love em all!



The selection came with a good variety of characters and multiple stickers of some characters (not duplicates). Stickers are perfect size for water bottles or laptops. While this is advertised as Marvel stickers, ours came with a several DC characters also. Which works for us as we are fans of both.



There's a wide range of stickers here for people who like the older or newer styles of superheroes. From Ghost Rider to Black Widow, Gamorra to Ironman it's a nice combination. Some are smaller then an inch square, others are of larger dimensions - 2 x3 The images on them are fun and bright, and the sticky parts are solid with good adhesive.



These stickers are AMAZING! The colors on these are even better in person and much larger than I expected. Very high quality and way more than I expected I counted 103 stickers! I highly recommend these! These would perfect for kids and adults and there are so many different characters!



These stickers are fun for the whole family. The types of superhero stickers provided appeal to those who prefer retro or modern superheros. All of us have picked our favorites. :)The stickers are well-made and are high quality in color and design. I would definitely recommend these stickers for any superhero lover.